Fog light

My image-making is fueled by an intense response to the form and color of the natural world.

I work in photography because the hand of the maker can be concealed but still work powerfully at a subconscious level. I’m interested in how optics can transform a space as is it rendered into two dimensions and how that transformation can infer the photographer's state of mind and create one in the viewer.

I take a printmaker’s approach to the rendering of light and seek to take what may start as a factual statement about a place and time and make it a statement about a moment of vivid awareness.

I seek out organic forms because the human eye is attracted to the shapes and structure of living forms and connects with them in a sensual, even sexual, way.

I want a visceral reaction from my viewer – where the ideas lie in form, color and subtle twisting of perspective – below the level of language.

My goal is to have a viewer stop, look and be affected without knowing why.

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